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SLO's Spectacular Spring Bridal Expo

Wow! We had so much fun at San Luis Obispo's Spectacular Spring Bridal Expo sponsored by Central Coast Bride at the Madonna Inn. There were so many fun and interesting brides. There must have been a thousand people! We loved getting to meet each of them and see the excitement in their eyes when they saw our massive 55" Dual Sided Chocolate Fountain, the Twins. We had all sorts of fun dippers and two different types of chocolate flowing for these lucky brides to sample.

Check out our booth!

Me and my sister setting everything up! We had so much fun and she was such a great help!

Check out The Twins! I'm always in awe of this behemoth of a chocolate fountain. 55" and two flavors of chocolate? Talk about indulgence!

Look at that gorgeous chocolate draping! That's the kind of perfect curtain you get with our high quality premium Belgian chocolate.

It's almost Easter! Of course we HAD to have Peeps!

Oh no he didn't! Check out my brother-in-law sneaking a treat! That's OK. He was a great help too.

I always love having brownies to dip in the chocolate fountain. There's no such thing as too much chocolate!

These apothecary jars and jumbo martini glasses are my favorite way to display and serve dippers. They look incredible and match any event.

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